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Data Hardware Depot Services

DHD offers a suite of Professional Services to manage all of your forward and reverse logistics, asset recovery projects, and de-installation needs.

DHD can handle the repair and testing of your network hardware where the maintenance contract has expired or the OEM lead time is too lengthy. Let DHD extend the life of your legacy or end of life hardware. DHD can also create a “Just In Time” program to best handle all of your sparing, replacement, and long lead time items. Please read more in our “JIT Program”, “Product Repair”, and “Product Testing” sections.

DHD makes the health of the environment a core focus in our service offerings. The reuse of network hardware not only offers value back to our customer, but helps to reduce global waste. DHD can help you to do your part as wel - Recycle, Refurbish, Reuse. Please read more in our “DHD Green Disposal” section.

DHD can offer Cash, Trade, Credit, or Consignment on your Core, Access, and Customer Premise network hardware. Let us offer you more Return on your depreciating assets. We know the market, we know your assets worth, and we will make a competitive offer. Our valuation experts are on call 5 Days a week and via email 24x7. Please read more in our “Surplus Asset Recovery” section.

DHD can also help with the De-Installation of Central Office, Colocations, and Warehouse space. We can help with all of the logistical tasks that inevitably occur in all network expansions or the removal of hardware for resale. DHD can be your Project Manager on the ground, and help your team to successfully manage more important tasks. Please read more in our “De-Installation” section.