ASR 9000 Routers

The Cisco ASR 9000 Series is a true carrier-class solution. It features the modular, microkernel-based Cisco IOS XR Software operating system, comprehensive system redundancy, and a full complement of network resiliency schemes. It also offers a unique service- and application-level intelligence that focuses on optimized video delivery and mobile Internet. These systems are designed to simplify and enhance the operational and deployment aspects of service-delivery networks
Part NumberProduct Description 
ASR-9006-AC /ASR-9006-DCCisco ASR 9006 chassis Request a quote
ASR-9010-AC /ASR-9010-DCCisco ASR 9010 chassis Request a quote
ASR-9922-AC /ASR-9922-DCCisco ASR 9922 chassis Request a quote
AND MORE  Request a quote