Product Overview

DHD’s product portfolio represents the industry-leaders in networking hardware solutions including Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Dell Force10, Extreme Networks, Arista Networks, and Alcatel Lucent. With a focus on value-added recommendations, our clients expect us to recommend new and pre-owned solutions to help address immediate technology needs while considering future technology trends and balancing constant budget parameters.

Through leveraging our expertise in new and secondary market equipment, DHD has a long track record of helping IT Directors, Infrastructure Architects, and Network Engineers achieve their technology and business goals. Engineering routing and switching gear is complicated, but recommending routing and switching products is not, so here’s a couple free suggestions / questions / ideas to keep in front of you as you consider you next technology investment:

  • Are you paying a premium for features and functions you don’t need (stackability, modular power, uplinks, etc.)?
  • Have you considered a model with less ports (8, 12, or 24)?
  • Will this unit be able to be used elsewhere in your network if needed (a core switch today that can be pushed to the edge)?

With the opportunity to help customers all over the world every day, we build a database of knowledge to share with other clients.  Ask your DHD representative to give you a free assessment and recommendation.