DHD Guarantee

Data Hardware Depot Overview

About DHD
Data Hardware Depot specializes in providing refurbished communications network infrastructure equipment. From routers and switches to VoIP access servers to advanced multiservice platforms for Next Generation Networks developed by Cisco and other leading manufacturers. Our secondary market expertise can be your advantage when it comes to selling, purchasing or trading your wireline or wireless networking hardware.

Product Focus
Our product focus includes data networking, access servers, switching, routing, security, IP telephony, optical transport, wireless base stations, microwave, and power equipment.

Asset Recovery
Cash, trade, credit, consignment DHD specializes in the liquidation of excess and surplus networking hardware. We can offer a variety of methods to give you the highest return on your excess assets. A DHD valuation expert is on call 24x7 to answer all of your hardware valuation questions.

DHD Green Disposal
Recycle, refurbish, reuse DHD offers solutions to do our part to help the environment. The reuse of network hardware not only offers value back to our customer, but helps to reduce global waste. DHD has preferred partners to scrap & recycle the metals and plastics contained within networking hardware. The less we produce, the more we help to cut down on natural resources.

DHD Guarantee
We guarantee the operational integrity of every system and component that we sell. DHD guarantees every product sold to our customers with an industry-leading warranty. We know the quality and integrity of our products and will back it 100%. Call DHD and let us prove why our product and customer service is unsurpassed.